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Laser Printer Repair Training

Special Notice: My Tech Guru has launched a new web site that is specifically geared toward printer repair training. Everything on this site will remain unchanged for the foreseeable future, however, our new web site will deal only with printer service training. The new site will make it easier to find details about printer repair certification training and our hands-on on-site printer repair training options. The site is also being created as a WordPress blog, which will allow us to frequently add important information, and provide a means for our users to enter comments about that information. If you are here to look at our laser printer repair service training options, please take a look at our new web site.

For most of us, our everyday life and work revolves around documents and information. Many of us deal with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of pages of documents daily. Keeping this printing equipment functioning properly with crisp, clear, defect free print outs has been a growing budget item over the last few years as IT budgets have consolidated. While IT salaries have stabilized at a more comfortable level than the late 1990's, printer repair technicians have continued to earn premium rates as specialized service providers.

I just want to say that your DVD and Service Manuals where a great contribution to me. The DVD gave good insight on the common internal parts of a printer that need to be replaced and maintained and the Service Manuals showed me how to do it. I followed step by step on how to remove the assembly for the . . . printer and had no problems. We have been outsourcing from somebody to fix our printers and my work is hoping I can do it now instead.

J.C. - Louisiana

Printer Repair Training Video


Now showing 9 example printers!

Laser Printer Repair Training Video | Please Inquire About Onsite Printer Repair TrainingWe chose to help tackle this problem by producing our first laser printer maintenance and repair training video in 2005. Simple, step-by-step video instruction turned out to be a  method that individuals and businesses could use to save hundreds or thousands of dollars annually on routine printer maintenance and basic printer repair. As with anything you want to learn, you have a choice about how and where to study and learn about the subject. Our unique step-by-step approach will allow you to tackle your first laser printer repair or maintenance problem the first day you receive it. We'll even supply the common parts and components at substantial discounts of 50% or more, so you will save more than just the technician's labor charges.  In a matter of only a few hours we can show you how to perform basic laser printer maintenance and repair on nearly any laser printer. Bold statement? Click Here for complete details.

To celebrate our new Printer Coach web site we are offering our Basic Laser Printer Maintenance and Repair Training at less than half our normal price. This special price will be available only for a limited time. Act now to secure your savings.x



Onsite Printer Repair Training

Virtually all of our daily work activities revolve around document production in one way or another. In order to keep our production at a high level we need to maintain and repair our printing equipment on a routine basis. To accelerate the learning curve, our Onsite Basic Laser Printer Maintenance and Repair Training may be the best choice for your business, school district, educational institution, or government facility. Direct, hands-on training will improve competency and empower your designated employee(s) to begin performing the basic laser printer maintenance and repair functions more quickly and efficiently. Many businesses and institutions start with the Basic Laser Printer Maintenance and Repair Training video, then upgrade to the onsite training for direct hands-on instruction with the exact printing equipment they use every day. You'll get full credit for the training video when you upgrade!

Click Here for complete business training details

Click Here for complete education and government training details

Every printer technician should be required to attend. This will help reduce printer repair costs & help staff implement repairs. The printer resources CD will be most helpful to all staff.

P.S. - Canadian ISD (Texas)


I just wanted to say I really appreciate the high quality of follow-up support you offer with your product. It is a new experience with me having someone stand behind their product and actually care about what the customer needs.  It is like a breath of fresh air in this business of take…take…take. Thanks to your DVD and service manuals, I was able to get two stubborn printers back into service.

T.D. - New Hampshire


Printer Repair Certification Training

Beyond the basics. Platform independent, vendor - neutral printer certification. Online, CD, and classroom formats.


If you already have experience with printer repair, or have completed our Basic Laser Printer Maintenance & Repair Training, it is time for you to move beyond the basics and GET CERTIFIED. My Tech Guru's vendor - neutral training provides the key details that are necessary to perform repair on virtually any printer distributed by any manufacturer or vendor. Perhaps more importantly, you can become certified and enhance your field  performance and career . . . Read More




How To Fix Your Own Printer

Knowing how to fix your own printer can help keep yourFix Your Own Printer | Service Manual Instructions document production moving at your pace, rather than waiting for a repair technician, dropping the printer off at a service center, or throwing it out the window.  We can provide the instructions for your specific printer model so that you can fix your own printer, when you need it. Click Here for details


Laser Printer Repair Service

We have provided Laser printer repair and printer repair training to hundreds of businesses and individuals across the country. Our approach is simple, easy to understand, and can be used immediately. We remove the aggravation from paper jams, poor quality print outs, and a host of other common printer problems by empowering the people that rely on them to work. My Tech Guru utilizes top-notch telephone help desk personnel to help you through common problems quickly, and help diagnose more complex issues before we dispatch a field technician. When our field technician arrives he/she already has the recommended parts and can usually complete repairs without requiring multiple trips to your location. Our national network of qualified technicians allow us to provide printer repair service across the U.S.

Telephone Support

Expert printer repair telephone support. Call 877-257-0100 now and select option 3 to be immediately connected to a My Tech Guru printer support specialist.We provide expert telephone support to help solve the minor issues immediately, to help keep your printer functioning, so that your productivity does not suffer. Telephone support is a fraction of the cost of an on-site service visit and can resolve many issues without a field technician being dispatched to your location. In the event that the issue turns out to be more complex than you can solve directly, we can normally diagnose the issue through the telephone support call and deliver the required parts to your site so that the field technician can solve the problem in fewer visits. Either way, you save money and time by using My Tech Guru's telephone support as your first resource to solve your printer problem. Telephone support can help diagnose and solve issues with monochrome or color printers, multi-function devices and copiers, wide format printers and plotters, dot matrix, shuttle matrix and band printers, thermal, solid ink and dye sublimation printers, scanners, digital senders, color management, networking issues and more. Read More . . .

Printer Repair Service

Same day and next day service available (conditions apply).

Update and monitor service tickets online.
Competitive rates and unsurpassed reliability.

Service and maintenance contracts available.


I'd just like to express my thanks and gratitude for having such a great technician from My Tech Guru working for you!  He's been a very good resource for information, plus, his technical knowledge and resources at hand have helped us . . . in several ways.  He's always prompt and courteous and if he's running late, he calls and re-schedules.  He's bright and eager to help and I don't think the word 'NO' is in his repertoire.  It's always a pleasure to work with someone as personable and with the skills required to GET THE JOB DONE, while keeping his clients happy.

G.G. - Siemens Desktop Support


Printer repair service available across America. Call toll-free 877-257-0100 and select option 3 to speak to a printer support specialist. Expert printer repair from My Tech Guru.Technicians available in all 50 states.


Please visit your state's link for current rates, service options and scheduling information. Or visit our printer repair service page here.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site. My Tech Guru is the source for quality printer maintenance and repair training, as well as providing printer repair across the U.S.. Please feel free look around the web site and we encourage you to Contact Us for more information, ask a question, or request service.

Printer Supplies

Click Here to order discount toner and ink supplies. Discount printer parts and more.

Discount printer toner and ink supplies. Discount printer parts.








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Do It Yourself Printer Repair | Printer Service Manual

"Well thought out and put together very neatly. " Read more

"I have generated revenue to pay for the course fee many times over in a very short period of time!" Read more










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In-House Printer Maintenance & Repair Training | Printer Repair Manual

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